5 Cleaning wipes to keep your home sparkling clean

5 Cleaning wipes to keep your home sparkling clean
January 30, 2017 paxo

Presto All-Purpose Furniture Cleaning wipes

Effectively remove dust and dirt. Prevent the settling of dust. Give a shine to cleaned surfs. Ideal for a variety of both natural and artificial surfaces. Contains Antistatic Formula, a special cleaning formula for dust removal.

Presto Wooden Furniture wipes

Effectively removes dust and dirt. Care for wooden surfaces. Enrich the wood color. Contains wood care, a special formula for oily stains.

Presto Bathroom Cleaning wipes

Remove soap and hard water residue giving a streak free shine to cleaned surfaces, leaving no streaks. They are ideal for maintaining hygienic cleanliness and freshness. Contains Power Fresh, a special cleaning formula for bathrooms.

Presto Kitchen Cleaning wipes

Remove sticky and greasy stains leaving the kitchen clean and fragrant. They give a shine to any cleaned surface without leaving streaks. They contain a special cleaning formula – Active Orange for kitchen dirt.

Presto cleaning wipes for window and mirrors

These are exceptionally effective wipes dedicated to clean the especially troublesome glass surface the wipes contain the glass formulas eliminating the smudges from glass surface and protect the mirrors and window from fogging the wipes leaves the shine on cleaned surface.


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