Amazing Charcoal mouthwash for your everyday need

Amazing Charcoal mouthwash for your everyday need
February 14, 2018 paxo

Amazing Charcoal mouthwash for your everyday need

White and sparkling teeth are the secret behind a beautiful and confident smile. Due to changes in our lifestyle, health condition, over consumption of tea or coffee and diet habits, we are losing the pearly white color of our teeth. People with yellow teeth feel embarrassed to smile in public places

Today, activated charcoal has become a trendy ingredient, but for a good reason. Activated charcoal naturally has detoxifying properties because its porous surface attracts toxins. When used in oral care, activated charcoal can attract and gently polish away surface stains.

Beauty formulas Advance charcoal mouthwash: formulated with Activated charcoal, this alcohol free mouthwash fights against plaque and bad breath, helping to protect your teeth against decay. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent and helps deliver a lasting feeling of fresh breath and whiter teeth. Also a quick way to soothe dry mouth symptoms without the burn of alcohol. Experience all day fresh breath sensation with just a swish morning and night.

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