Baby Care Products Every Parent Needs: OE BABY

Baby Care Products Every Parent Needs: OE BABY
October 4, 2017 paxo

Baby Care Products Every Parent Needs: OE BABY

Part of the fun of getting ready for your baby’s arrival is shopping for all the little things you’ll need

Are you pregnant or a new mommy? Are you planning to buy baby care products but are not sure about the best brands available in the market today? Fret not!

Check out this OE baby range for your precious baby.

OE baby soap: With avocado and sweet almond oils known for their soothing, softening and protective properties.

Face and body nourishing cream; it moisturizes and protects baby’s skin daily.

OE Baby Nappy Change Cream: ideal for redness and irritation on the seat due to successive exchange. OE Baby Nappy Change Cream soothes and forms a protective barrier, surface of the skin.

OE Baby Powder: Ideal for baby toilet, it absorbs excess moisture for maximum comfort and softness between two changes.

OE Baby shampoo:  Enriched with pro-vitamin B5 and moisturizing agents, it gently cleanses baby’s hair and neutralizes the harmful effects of hard water.

OE Baby Hair and Body Washing Gel: thanks to its formula enriched with moisturizing agents, it gently cleanses baby skin and hair.

OE Baby Cleansing Lotion: promotes clean and healthy skin. Its milky texture gently cleanses your baby skin

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