Do you have issues concerning bad breath?

Do you have issues concerning bad breath?
May 11, 2016 paxo

Have you ever wondered why you opened your mouth and perceived a rather terrible odour?

or have you ever been involved in a conversation with someone where you just wanted to end the conversation due to bad breath?

This perceived odour is referred to as Halitosis or commonly referred to as Bad Breath.

Causes of Halitotis (Bad Breath)

Bad breath comes to existence when anaerobic bacteria feeds on food particles and mouth debris, that is not properly brushed and rinsed away from the mouth. This then releases  volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) as a waste material which causes bad breath.

Below are a number of things we do in our daily lives that trigger the sulfuric compound:

 1. Fasting


 2. Stress/Anxiety 


  3. Menstrual Cycle



  4. Smoking


  5. Alcohol Intake


    6.Volatile Foodstuffs


In our next post, we’ll be looking into the different things we can do to prevent the embarrassment that comes with having bad breath. If you have any questions concerning this subject just feel free to drop your comment.



  1. anonymous 5 years ago

    Nice post…i understand every other causes of bad breath listed above except number 3 which is menstrual cycle. How does menstrual cycle cause bad breath? can u please expatiate?

    • Author
      paxo 5 years ago

      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the post !!!

      The hormonal changes before and during menstruation can lead to bad breath/halitotis. It is found that women often experience lower levels of salivia during menstruation which then leads to bad breath. I hope this explains your question?

  2. Tubosun olaniyan 5 years ago


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