How to Care for your lip during this Harmattan: Paxo Health & Beauty

How to Care for your lip during this Harmattan: Paxo Health & Beauty
December 7, 2017 paxo

How to Care for your lip during this Harmattan: Paxo Health & Beauty

Today I will be discussing on how to care for your lips during the seasons of Harmattan, The fact remains that your Lip gloss cannot solve the problem of your dried lips as it does not penetrate the layers of your lips which implies that they stay only on the surface of the lip to add shine and glossy glamour to your lips. The best option as far as moisturizing the lip is concerned is the use of lip balm and this is because it moisturizes, soften and penetrates the inner layer of the lips notwithstanding you can still end up with a moisturized rough lips but to get the best result from moisturizing with a lip balm, you have to exfoliate your lip before applying the lip balm of your choice.

Exfoliation simply means the process of removing the dead cell from the skin with the help of an exfoliate e.g. sugar, sea-salt, coffee or rice flour. Exfoliation helps in soften the lips making it free from any crack, imperfection or damage caused by the dryness in the atmosphere. Exfoliating products can be bought in stores or simply made at home, for those that have the intent of making their lips scrub at home it is best to avoid using exfoliates with ash acid (salt) especially when you have wounded or cracked lips as it is capable of burning your lip and causing more inflammation on the lips.

Balm It Up- Everyone should have a go-to lip balm. Make sure you use one without a bunch of chemicals. These can actually irritate the skin more. Look for balms that are natural with ingredients such as Shea, almond, coconut, cocoa butter and olive oil.

Just like your face, a good exfoliation of the lips is needed every now and then. The scrub will remove dry and dead skin, leaving you with soft and supple lips.


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