Why we don’t worry about competitors

Why we don’t worry about competitors
September 25, 2017 paxo

        Why we don’t worry about competitors

We are growing so fast, we don’t even have a minute to think about our competitor. Competitors don’t matter.

We are biggest competitor

The truth is, there will always be someone else who is bigger and better than we are, so we feel that worrying about the competitors takes us away from what we could be doing to stand out and be different. We set goals and focus on creating obtainable achievements for our business month after month, year after year. This allows us to view ourselves as our largest competitor, as we always trying to exceed our own goals. We are the only person that decides if we succeed or fail; our competitors in reality has no bearing on that.

Competition is good

I have come to realize that competition is good. Really, it is! Competition can be wonderful for your business, by allowing you to be creative and different from someone else.

The best way for someone who worries about the competition is to focus instead on finding your ideal client. You have competitors; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are targeting the exact same clientele that you are. Once you are able to find your ideal client, build a strategy that will help your business and distract you from worrying about others.

Time: When you spend too much time worrying about your competitors, your customers can suffer.

We prioritize our time by building a solid client base, providing products that fit our company’s aesthetic, and manage the operations of our business. When you remove yourself from worrying about what others are doing, it naturally allows more time for you to focus on what you have control over. Most small business owners already work more than the standard forty hours per week, so adding to this only causes stress and doesn’t affect the bottom line.

It’s natural to worry about the competitors.  But if you are a law firm, and another firm has stopped charging a profit for copies will you do so to stay competitive?

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