Get That Youthful look: OE Anti-aging Eye and Lip

Get That Youthful look: OE Anti-aging Eye and Lip
November 13, 2017 paxo

Get That Youthful look: OE Anti-aging Eye and Lip

The eyes and smile are the principal beauty features that reveal youthfulness. This delightfully OE cream smooth’s the contour of eyes and lips. A complex of active ingredients that combats wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye puffiness reactivates the skin’s youthful reflexes, smooth’s wrinkles and fine lines, and reveals rested, bright eyes. The entire facial expression appears younger.

Each person’s pace of life, everyday stress, overexposure to the sun these behavioral factors will directly affect the eye contour area, the most vulnerable part of the face. OE Anti –aging eye and lip provides a truly complete solution by fighting against the visible signs associated with the 2 types of ageing genetic and environmental ageing, but also, now, those linked to personal lifestyle.


Apply the cream morning and evening along the eye contour area, eyelids and the contours of the lips. Prepare the eye & lip area prior to applying the cream, by utilizing the cool-tip massage tool.

Smooth the above the eyebrow and over the eyelid and below the eye, always using a motion away from the inner eye. Also, smooth around the mouth area, above the lips, using a motion from the center of the mouth to the outer edges.

Use gentle, light pressing motions around the entire eyelid and below the eye area to support micro-circulation.

Gently move the massage tool in a zigzag pattern between the brows and under the eye area to help de-puff.

Use a gentle back-and-forth motion between the eyebrows, along the outer corners of the eye and above the lip to smooth wrinkles.

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