Happy Baby Happy Mum

Happy Baby Happy Mum
August 23, 2017 paxo

Happy Baby Happy Mum

Say no to Rashes with Kindii Baby Wipes

Baby skin requires special care and targeted treatment from the first day of its life, as it is the basis of baby’s health and comfort. Kindii brand was created having in mind these special needs

Kindii Skin Balance have been created to nurture the delicate skin of newborns and infants in an exceptionally gentle and safe way Gentle cleansing and moisturizing for everyday messy moments.

Kindii represent specialist product targeted at young mothers encompassing a group of disposable wet wipes facilitating hygiene and care of infants and little children. The product do not contain PEGS parabens and alcohol ,these product are tender, delicate, do not cause irritation and are completely safe for sensitive baby skin .Cleanic kindii is one of the main category of hygienic product for children.

Its Better skin health outcome

Less skin redness and irritation,

A better skin barrier

Balance skin PH

Do not leave a sticky residue in baby’s skin

Perfectly care and hydrate baby skin

Formulated With natural almond oil and vitamin E

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