Health Benefit of Apricot

Health Benefit of Apricot
May 22, 2018 paxo

Health Benefit of Apricot

It is believed that apricot is good for skin care, which is why it makes an important addition to various cosmetics. Apricots have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, prevent the deterioration of vision, aid in weight loss, treat respiratory conditions, boost bone strength, and maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Some other health benefits include:

Treatment of Acne

The anti-inflammatory properties of apricot oil helps to treat acne and skin redness, the flesh of apricot is particularly beneficial for treating acne-prone skin.

Apply a paste of apricot to cure acne and pimples. Apricot leaf juice is useful for treating scabies, sunburn, and

Treatment of Ear Pain 

If you are suffering from a severe earache, dripping a few drops of apricot oil into your ear canal should prove to be an effective remedy, the antioxidant content present in apricot oil is responsible for alleviating earaches.

Treatment of Anemia

Due to the presence of copper and iron, apricots assist in the production of hemoglobin, this quality helps treat anemia, which is a blood disorder caused mainly by iron deficiency.

Combat Asthma 

Apricot oil is also believed to be anti-asthmatic in nature and assists in treating the disease and its associated symptoms, it has certain stimulant and expectorant qualities owing to its essential oils. One of these qualities can help relieve stress and pressure on the respiratory system and lungs, thus preventing asthma attacks even before they start.

Prevents Cancer

Apricot seeds are believed to help in cancer treatment. Between the antioxidants compounds and carotenoids that apricots have, it is plausible that they are a threat to free radicals cells, free radicals are the harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that can lead to the formation of cancerous cells, antioxidants balance these dangerous elements and make sure that the body does not contract issues like heart disease, cancer, aging skin and Alzheimer’s disease.

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