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Feminine hygiene refers to regular cleaning and sanitizing of the vaginal and breast
areas. Maintaining feminine hygiene is important to your overall health because in
addition to preventing odors, itching and discomfort, practicing feminine hygiene can
also prevent bacterial infections from occurring. Sometimes bacterial infections may
lead to sterility, disease, cancer and other health problems. In other to maintain a good
feminine hygiene, you must bath regularly and wear fabrics that allow your vaginal
region to breath.
The following are ways to maintain feminine hygiene
Wear loose and breathable clothing: Make sure that your private part stays dry and
clean throughout the day by wearing comfortable underwear. Tight pants, shorts, or
panties made from synthetic fabrics can reduce the air circulation around your vagina
and cause it to sweat, which can increase your chances for odors and infection. Wear
loose panties that allow air circulation or that are made from a natural, breathable fabric
such as cotton.
Treat infections: there are some vaginal infections which may cause symptom much
as irritation, itching and abnormal discharges. They should be treated as soon as the
spotted. If you don’t do this, you are exposing yourself to the risk of unpleasant and
painful side effects, and may be faced with more reproductive health issues in the long

Wipe your genital area thoroughly after urination: This will help keep your vaginal
area dry and clean throughout the day. Use soft, white, unscented toilet paper or wipes
that does not contain dyes or other irritating chemicals. Wipe yourself from front to back
after urinating or the use of the toilet.

Healthy food: It may sound strange, but some foods are thought to contribute to
vaginal health. A diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains such as brown
rice will help prevent your body and vagina from experiencing infections or ailments.
Plenty of water, apples and avocados may counter dryness and stimulate natural


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