How to stop itchy scalp

How to stop itchy scalp
April 16, 2018 paxo

How to stop itchy scalp

Scratching your head a bit too often? Noticing tiny flakes? Before you reach for the dandruff shampoo, check out these simple solutions to help stop your scalp from itching.

7 Ways to sort out your itchy scalp

Be consistent

  • If you have oily flakes, and red, greasy patches covered with white or yellow scales on your scalp (or even elsewhere), you have seborrheic dermatitis
  • It’s caused by a yeast germ that feeds on excess sebum and triggered by an allergic response to stress, cosmetics or foods.
  • A lack of hygiene may set the condition off as well, but you’d have to be pretty grubby for that to be the case.
  • It can come and go and is treatable with dandruff shampoos but you have to use them consistently for dandruff to stay away

Switch your shampoo

  • Shampoos with the surfactants (detergents) sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate (both SLS for short) may be satisfyingly sudsy,
  • Switching to beauty formulas tea tree shampoo can stop you scratching in a matter of days.

Give it a rinse

  • Always finish your shampoo and conditioning session with a cool water rinse
  • And make it last as long as it takes for the entire product to be gone which is when your hair is, quite literally, squeaky.

Don’t get stuck with glue

  • Glue or resin-type ingredients (you’ll find them in loads of hairsprays as well as volumizing and curl-boosting styling products) may suffocate the scalp as well if they’re not washed out regularly.

Oil up

  • As with the skin on any other part of the body, a dry, tight feeling can be due to a lack of moisture and oils,
  • Both in your diet and applied topically Eat plenty of healthy fats (nuts, avocados, oily fish) and invest in regular oil treatments for your hair and scalp.

Don’t wig out

  • Limit your wearing of hats or wigs as much as possible
  • Overdoing it can cause a lack of oxygen to the scalp and cause a variety of scalp problems

Brush your hair

  • If you’ve tried all of the above and your scalp still flakes, you have dandruff,
  • Which basically means that your scalp is over-producing new skin cells and shedding an excess of old ones?
  • If you don’t regularly brush your hair and scalp, try doing this daily, as it aids the shedding of skin cells and can in some cases improve the situation


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