Maintain your natural color Avoid skin disease

Maintain your natural color Avoid skin disease
May 22, 2017 paxo

Maintain your natural color Avoid skin disease

Have you tried to find out the ingredient used in your body lotion, is the lotion workings optimally have you got any challenges with your skin such as

Bluish and black colour that appearing on your skin

Black nuckles on your finger and toes

Body feels so sensitive when in the the sun

Have you also noticed that once you stop using those harsh

Chemical creams, your skin turns dark?

Such cream gives awful smell and cause body heat

And skin age faster

Before purchasing any cream makes sure you go through the label to know the ingredient used in the product and find out if is a complaint to the weather

Follow these Guides and get your skin type restored

  • Go for hydroquinone free products.
  • To be at the safer side and keep your skin safe look for product that contain (Hexylresorcinol, AQUA(WATER) POLSORBATE 20,GLYCERIN ETC)
  • It is used more as a soothing agent it is not a chemical lightening agent like hydroquinone
  • including ability to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • It is also increase protection against UVB and UVA rays, and improve skin barrier against pollution and sun exposure

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