Which Method of hair removal is best for you?

Which Method of hair removal is best for you?
August 11, 2017 paxo

Which Method of hair removal is best for you?

How you should look under your clothes is the subject we are here to focus upon, body hair and the best available hair removal techniques. Read to have an overview of the most common hair removal techniques and what pros and cons does each of these hair removal techniques carry?But before going any further, it’s important to understand some essential facts about hair removing.

There are three basic options you can option for permanent or temporary hair ,The most common ways of getting rid of underarm hair , legs hair ,chest and back hair in men and woman are with hot wax, depilatory creams, and shaving . so Choose the best one for you as per your own preference.

Waxing: Although its effects generally last from three to eight weeks, making it a good long-term hair removal solution. Cold wax is applied to the skin and then quickly stripped off to remove the strands. It is an effective treatment but it can also get expensive, so is best suited for large areas of hair including legs, hands or the other private areas. Pain, ingrown hair and scarring patches are some side effects that along with waxing. It should not be done on irritated, sunburned or broken skin as it can cause severe damage.

Shaving: It is the easiest ways of getting rid of those extra strands. While its effects are temporary, lasting around one to three days, it is generally painless, fast and cheap. A razor is used to shave the hair. As some razors with a moisturizing shaving cream containing aloe Vera and vitamin E, this process does not cause much skin irritation. Contrary to the popular belief, shaving does not cause hair to grow in thicker, however it do have some side effects like stubble, cuts, ingrown hair, skin irritation.

Depilatory Creams :Using depilatory hair removal products, like Beauty formulas hair removal is another way to get rid of your unwanted hair. These products come in cream form and contain alkaline chemicals that dissolve hair protein, causing it to break in half.

It not suited for women with a lot of hair or with coarse body hair, depilatory and must never be used on the eyebrows, pubic area or broken or sensitive skin as it may arouse an allergic reactions. Other side effects are dry, itchy and sometimes burning skin.


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