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Good feminine hygiene is essential to feel fresh and clean throughout the day, but also to prevent the occurrence of vaginal infections or other problems that could affect this sensitive and delicate area. In addition, staying on top of personal hygiene during your periods is especially important. Apart from wanting to keep the genital area clean and fresh, feminine counterparts are slightly more vulnerable to bacterial infection during menstruation, due to the change in the vagina’s pH balance. Checkout the necessary steps to maintain a perfect hygiene during menstruation and the necessary products that are meant for you :

Always Use Disposable Pads: Disposable pads also called sanitary towels or sanitary napkins should be fit inside the underwear. And such sanitary pad that are most useful are Ola silk sanitary pads that contains surface mesh that always leaves the surface dry, locks the inside and not allowing it to come out.in the same vein, disposable pads can trap smells more than most other hygiene options.
Washing Should Not Be Optional: Washing your vaginal area should be done at regularly to stay clean and fresh. This is to avoid menstrual odour that will likely occur during this period. Therefore, it’s important to have a warm shower to help calm your nerves and ease your cramps. Also ensures that all you underwear are totally clean to prevent infection of bacterial.
Make Use Of Tampons: Another essential measure to maintain good feminine hygiene lies in the correct use of tampons. Tampons should only be used when strictly necessary and not used permanently as they can impede the flow of blood and bacteria, increasing the risk of vaginal infections. During menstruation, tampons should be changed every 4 to 6 hours depending on how heavy the blood flow
Ensure You Effectively Use Feminine Wipes And Wash: After each trip to bathroom, ensure you use wipe to the outer surface of your vagina. This will help to eliminate the acrid scent of the urine, sweet and natural discharge. Again, it is advisable that you use feminine wash to wash your private part in order to smell good. Do not use regular soap to avoid irritation and dryness. Feminine wipes and wash are necessary to prevent any occurrence of infection which amount to itching, smelling and foul-smelling discharge


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