Panty liners vs Pads (Part 1)

Panty liners vs Pads (Part 1)
June 29, 2017 paxo

Party liners come handy before or after your monthly period. Unlike Sanitary pads, it is thinner and smaller, they are worn under a woman’s panties to prevent stain. Before menstruation begins, it is usually preceded by discharge from the private part, this is where panty liner comes to the rescue, you wear it on a daily basis to help you feel secure and fresh, just in case things get a little unpredictable down there.

The question you should now ask yourself is; am i using panty liners correctly? Should I use it every day?  We would try as much as possible to get you answers to those questions. If you wear panty liners at night, ensure u always put on a new one. Always change the one you had on in the daytime with a fresh one before going to bed. Ensure you don’t wear a panty liner for more than a day; it should always be changed whenever you start feeling moist.  

Finally panty liners are very useful and our array of panty liners comes in handy in keeping you fresh before and after your period. It is an ideal choice for total protection of leaks.

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  1. Modupe 3 years ago

    Nice but what is d availability of your pantyliner? This is my first time of knowing about it and will like to know where I can get it on regular basis. Thanks

    • Author
      paxo 3 years ago

      80%, Available at paxo.com.ng, if your are buying more than six upwards contact 08069556584,to register on our wholesale plat-form. thanks

  2. Salihu uba 3 years ago

    What is the different between pantie liner and sanitory pad?

    • Author
      paxo 3 years ago

      Panty liner is used before and after menstrual period while sanitary pad is used during monthly menstrual circle

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