Panty liners vs Pads (Part 2)

Panty liners vs Pads (Part 2)
July 10, 2017 paxo

In part 1, we talked about panty liners, and how they come in handy to rescue us, pre and post menstrual period, in this concluding part we would be discussing pads and the role it plays in restoring your confidence.

Sanitary pads are mostly worn by women while menstruating, it is an absolvent that could also be worn during post birth bleeding, when recovering from virginal surgery or in any situation when it is necessary to absolve the flow of blood from the virginal.

Sanitary Pads provides effective protection for every active and non-active woman, it comes in handy in situations of heavy or light flow, since they are better in absorbing.  When your period arrives, it is now time to make that switch from panty liner to pads, at this point the flow becomes heavy, you need a material that can absolve heavy blood flow, remember we mentioned in part one that panty liner is thinner and shorter, it would not be able to absolve and prevent leaks, Hence you need sanitary pads to absolve all the heavy flow and still keep you fresh and confident. Getting the right pads like Ola Silk Sanitary Pads or Pretty Intimate Sanitary Towel that locks liquid inside not allowing it to come out , Increased rear portion of the pad that provides protection at night and wings that ensure better protection against leakage, would boost your confidence around the clock.

At this point you might want to ask, how do I use sanitary towel correctly or when do I change my pad?

I would be very straight to the point in providing answer to the above question. How often you change your pad depends on individual flow, in some cases it might be heavy while some other might be light, but no matter how light your flow might be, ensure you change within 3 to 4 hours so you don’t end up with odor from bacteria.

In conclusion our array of sanitary pads comes in individual and non-individual packs keeping you fresh during your menstrual period. It is an ideal choice for total protection of leaks.  Click link to shop https://www.paxo.com.ng/cat/sanitary-towels/

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