How do you prevent bad breath?

How do you prevent bad breath?
May 13, 2016 paxo

As discussed in our recent post on the causes of halitosis/bad breath, we’re informed on the different habits/activities that lead to bad breath. In this post we’ll be discussing different ways of getting rid of the bacteria which produce Sulphur Compounds which leads to bad breath. This practices are as follows:

  1.Tongue Cleaning

The most widely known method of preventing halitosis/bad breath is by properly cleaning the tongue. This is due to the amount of bacteria the tongue can accommodate. Individuals tend to clean their tongue using a toothbrush which is wrong as there’s a reason to why it’s called a toothbrush. The right tool to clean the tongue is called a tongue brush or cleaner as it effectively scrapes the affected areas. You can check out both our Tongue Brush and Tongue Cleaner

  2. Brushing your Teeth

Another obvious way to prevent bad breath is by regularly brushing your teeth. It is advisable to brush at least twice daily or after every meal and before going to bed, so as to get rid of food particles. We should also imbibe the culture of  replacing our toothbrushes every 2 – 3 months.

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  3. Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Gargling

It is also a good idea to mouthwash gargle after meals and before going to bed. Although for better effect its best to wait for a few minutes after brushing before gargling, so as not to wash away the effect of the toothpaste used.

Alcohol – free mouthwash is more suitable for preventing mouth odour due to the absence of alcohol which causes dryness of the mouth. And as we’re aware bacteria breed in dryness.  Some of our alcohol – free mouthwashes include: Alcohol Free MouthRinse and Total Care Sensitive Alcohol Free Mouthwash

  4. Flossing

Flossing is a much better way of getting rid of food particles and bacterial plaque which get stuck between our teeth. Instead of cultivating the habit of using wooden toothpicks which damage the gums, leading to bad breath. Flossing tools vary in types, we have the dental floss which is a thread-like tool for reaching in between the teeth. The other type is referred to as flossers and this tool is similar to the wooden toothpick besides it less sharp edges. View our Dental Floss range

  5. Drink A lot of Water

Its advisable to drink a lot of water for various reasons, and one of these reasons is to prevent one from having a bad breath. If you’re not drinking a lot of water, its only normal for the saliva in the mouth to dry up which then leads to bad breath. Please ensure to drink a lot of water daily !!!

  6. Sugar-Free Chewing Gum and Breath Spray

Chewing of sugar-free gum helps to produce saliva thereby preventing dryness of the mouth, which leads to bad breath. Breath Sprays can also be used to prevent bad breath, so its a good idea to move around with one.

  7. Visit your Dentist

In order to find out further information with regards to bad breath, it best to visit your dentist. A dentist will be best to educate and find out where the odour originates from.

If you have any questions concerning this subject just feel free to drop your comment. Have an amazing weekend !!!


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