Product spotlight team your family need: ORAL CARE

Product spotlight team your family need: ORAL CARE
September 22, 2017 paxo

Product spotlight team your family need: ORAL CARE

We have got you covered with your family needs, a most have item at home for Daddy, Mum and Kids.

Our Kids oral care has been specially formulated for children to help keep their teeth strong and gums healthy. It gently cleans, protects and cares for young teeth. With the benefit of fluoride to help prevent cavities and decay, encourages regular brushing.

Beauty Formulas Feminine care range will provide a feeling of comfort and freshness throughout the day. A soft and gentle, delicately fragranced wipe impregnated with cleansing, moisturizing, and antibacterial ingredients to cleanse, and freshen your external intimate areas.

OE ACTIV’ collection enhanced with minerals recognized for their revitalizing and energizing properties, Leaving you with a sensation of energy and active freshness all day long.

Oral Care Smokers Fresh Breath Toothpaste is a whitening gel that helps fight tartar and nicotine caused by smoking which can lead to bad breath and discoloured teeth. The deep clean toothpaste restores the natural whiteness of your teeth giving you a brighter fresher feel.


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