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Many women feel self-conscious during their menstrual cycle, but menstruation is a natural process and is also known as your period. It is the regular release of bloody waste from your uterus, the period comes about when you are not pregnant and the lining of the uterus has released this waste which comes out of your vagina as blood If not properly managed could lead to odor or infection.

How the do we keep our body clean during this period.

The use of tampons: Tampons is a female feminine hygiene product design to absorb the menstrual flow by insertion into the vagina during menstruation. They are convenient and simple to use. A tampon is made of absorbent cotton and is worn inside the vagina to absorb menstrual fluid as it leaves the cervix. They are available in a variety of absorbencies including; light, regular, heavy, and supper to coincide with the days of your flow.

 Freshen up with intimate wipes: Keep some feminine wipes in your purse so that you can use each time you go to the bathroom. These are particularly useful during your period to maintain good feminine hygiene. Using a wipe after changing your pad or tampon will make you feel clean and fresh during the day.

Use disposable sanitary pads: Sanitary towels are also called disposable pads or sanitary napkins, which fit inside the underwear and come in various lengths and absorbencies. Some women prefer using pads because they are uncomfortable with inserting Tampons into their vagina. Disposable pads trap smell more than most other hygiene options.

Underwears should be kept clean: You can stay clean and avoid smells if we wash our underwears regularly and also by wearing a cotton fiber that allows air to circulate properly, which can help prevent sweating and smells. Change your underwear if they become damp with sweat or fluid.




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