How to Successfully Handle your Customers Complaints

How to Successfully Handle your Customers Complaints
July 27, 2017 paxo

           How to Successfully Handle your Customers Complaints

Harsh words are not always indicative of insight. Customer complaints are not always a sign that something is wrong.

  • Record and organize meaningful complaints

Free customers always ask for more free stuff. Helping customers is always right, but carelessly following their demands is always wrong.

  • Identify who you are talking to

Here are a few notable persons that will make their way into your inbox:

The Meek Customer. Generally averse to talking to you. He doesn’t want to be a burden, or he doesn’t think you’ll care—either way, it’s your responsibility to inquire deeper to get to the heart of exactly what is wrong.

The Aggressive Customer. Outspoken and not shy about letting you know what’s on her mind. Avoid mirroring this confrontational behavior, and instead react with firm politeness that is pleasant but not submissive—your team needs to be treated with respect, too.

The High Roller. Perhaps your “enterprise” customer, who likely pays well and demands premium support for it, While no customer is fond of excuses, this customer disdains hearing them. Setting up a VIP Folder with Workflows is a simple way to cater to the high roller’s needs.

  • Don’t be passive-aggressive

“We’re sorry that you are having this problem” is an infuriating phrase for a customer to hear. It is nothing more than the deferment of blame.

Just say you’re sorry. Even when the customer is being unreasonable, apologize outright and ask how you might help resolve the issue. If you come across a lost cause, keep it friendly, keep it professional, and keep it moving.

  • Take your customer complaints seriously

You deserve no more respect than you are willing to give others…except in customer support, you’re the professional. You do have to learn to be the rock for your team. In turn, your team needs to look out for you.

Let’s know your challenges with your customers.


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