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Apart from the crunchy taste of almond, it is also important to note that almond also do wonders to our skin, hair and health. Almonds contain anti-oxidants, vitamin E, healthy fats and other vital nutrients. The anti-oxidant present in almonds helps to cleanse our skin by eliminating toxins and free radicals from your body. The vitamins in almonds serve as skin food and nourish your skin, keeping it smooth and glowing. Almond is also use for the treatment of acne, blackheads and whitehead. It is very good for our skin

The following are the uses of almond

*Promotes flawless skin: Almonds is beneficial to the health of our body and skin, it reduces dark circles around the eye due to sleep deprivation and stress, as a cleanser and moisturizer the fruit helps to reduce fine lines as it reveals smoothness and firms the skin for maximum skin tone.

*Treatment of rashes and eczema: Eczema or rashes are skin conditions that are characterized by scaly and itchy rashes that may blister, weep or peel. Eczema and rashes attack not only children and infants but adults also. Almond oil is used in a variety of ways including the treatment of rashes and eczema, almond helps to relieve itching, reduce inflammation and help prevent future flare up.

*It aids weight loss: Almonds can easily fit in your weight loss diet as a great snacking option. They are full of healthy fats, proteins and fiber that help in maintaining your blood sugar levels .They can help in keeping your cravings away and thus support your weight loss.

*Almond oil is use for skin whitening and fairness: many women use almond oil as a home remedy for glowing skin and to improve the skin complexion due to it skin lightening properties. You can also use almond oil for skin whitening and brightness. Many people think that using almond oil will darken the skin but that is not true because the oil aids whitening and fairness.

*Improves the function of the brain: we should not only focus on improving the skin and hair but also the brain, we should try to give the brain extra attention and maintenance, the way to do this is by eating almonds, sleeping well, exercise the mind ,reduce sugar intake, eating light meal at night and taking vitamin B complex.



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