What to use During Harmattan Season: Paxo Health & Beauty

What to use During Harmattan Season: Paxo Health & Beauty
December 4, 2017 paxo

What to use During Harmattan Season:Paxo Health & Beauty

We have finally come to that time of the year where the weather betrays you by making your skin look dry and white. The harmattan is cold, dry and dusty. Harmattan period is usually associated with low Humidity which simply means there is very little amount of water in the atmosphere compared to other seasons of the year. As a result of that the weather appears harsh to our Skin.

cream or lotion find out what to use?

LOTION: have a higher water percentage and, to put it simply, a droplets of oil mixed in water. Lotions tend to be light-weight, non-greasy, and are more easily absorbed into the skin. While

CREAM: is a blend of oil and water with a higher oil percentage – basically droplets of water mixed in oil. Cream is more better to use during harmattan because it has much volume of oil than lotion


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