July 16, 2018 paxo
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Sometimes we need something extra to do the magic on our skin, you might be having challenge with your skin and tried several face cleanser, scrub, mask and not getting the required result, you don’t have to give up, this might just be the solution to your facial skin challenge, I am going to discuss below some reasons why you should give Konjac Sponge a try. Konjac Sponge is the extra to do the magic.

Helps with sun-damaged skin: konjac sponge helps to get rid of dry dull skin. it is encouraged to use sunscreen to avoid your skin being exposed to sun. konjac sponge helps to get rid of dead cells giving room for the regeneration of new, fresh and radiant skin.

Effective cleaning: konjac sponge cleanses you of blemishes such as oil, whitehead, blackheads and acne. Your skin can become tender and softer when we use a moisturizer. Konjac sponge can clean the skin without making it look dull and dry. Not cleaning your skin can invite bacteria, pimples and irritations to our skin.

Treatment of clogged pores and acne: konjac sponge is made up of natural material which has the ability to unclog pores, and get rid of acne to give the skin clean, softer, tender and nourished skin. Konjac sponge helps to rid of dead skin cells that clog up your pores, oils from the skin get trapped beneath the surface which can cause pimples. Always clean and wash your face regularly.

It is an ideal makeup removal: konjac sponge can be used to do away with the makeup on your face. the sponge can be used with your exfoliator, soap, and cleanser, to wipe off make.

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